Brainstream live screening

“Brainstream reminds us that human connection

(...) is key to finding some inner harmony.”

Chris Robinson, Cartoon Brew

Brainstream is an interactive animation short film for mobile and computer.

(Free, online)

“One of the deepest, most personal and emotionally honest pieces of digital art I’ve seen in ages.”

James Paterson (@presstube)

“Robert’s writing perfectly captures the wandering tendencies of our brains.”

Creative Review

“Robert creates a vibrant, teeming visual world that tells a moving, sensory-laden and timely story featuring an authentic anti-heroine.”

by Caroline Robert (Canada, 2021)

5 or 20min

Brainstream can be easily presented in movie theaters during festivals.

Caroline Robert performing the live screening in a movie theater (Cinéma Moderne - 2021)

Live screening at Sommets de l’animation (mai 2022)


live cinema screening

The only difference: Brainstream plays on a web browser instead of

a video player. Each screening of the film is unique.

The audience watches someone else interact live with the film (like a Twitch)

It can either be:

- An anonymous online participant or the director from a remote location.

- A festival employee in the theater.

- Caroline Robert, the director, in the theater. With the possibility

to do a presentation at the end of the screening.

Live screening during IDFA DocLab (2021)

followed by a presentation and Q&A

Electronic Press Kit

Vincent Morisset

[email protected]

Caroline Robert

[email protected]

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3 quick and easy steps:

1. Output a computer to your projector (hdmi or apple tv)

2. Connect the computer to internet (wifi or ethernet) *

3. Open this link in a browser >

* If the internet connection is an issue, we have ways to run the project locally.

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