We were part of KM3, a public art exhibition in the Quartier des spectacles. For the first time, a physical place was the starting point. We inherited the Peace Park, a landmark of Montreal street skate on Saint-Laurent Boulevard. This unique place, animated by complex dynamics between its regulars, naturally shaped the project. It made us want to catalyze the presences and ephemeral encounters between people in the park; to evoke the fast mutation of the area where destruction and creation constantly crash up against each other. At nightfall, visitors who sat on our bench became the convergent and divergent forces that transformed the interactive projection of imaginary tectonic plates. The monumental bench served as an interface and is now a useful and permanent bench for the Peace Park.

Created and directed by Caroline Robert and Vincent Morisset. Creative developper: Ruby-Maude Rioux. Bench fabrication: Jacinthe Loranger, Éric Filteau, Benoit Paquin, Hans Henry, Maxime Roussial, Renaud de Lalonde, Nicolas Fernandez, Vincenta Farias (M.O. Workshop). Tecnical direction: Mathieu Pontbriand (Pivot Événements.) Screen structure: Promo staff. Engineer: Antoine Tuillier. Curators: Mouna Andraos et Melissa Mongiat (Daily tous les jours). Production and tech support: Marie-Joëlle Corneau, Éric Villeneuve, Laurence Montmarquette, Vincent Noël, Reda Radi, Ugo Dufour (Partenariat du Quartier des spectacles). Thank you to Yann Fily-Paré, Méralie Murbenballs, Édouard Lanctôt-Benoit, Daniel Iregui, Remy Khouzam, David Bouthillier, Julien Lanthier, SAT, Dominic Audet, Sandra O'Connor, Thibaut Duverneix, Marc Longpré, Jonathan Jeanson.